Educazione e simulazione nelle Facoltà universitarie. Una review




pedagogy, medical education, simulation, mannequins, virtual reality simulation


Medical education has been the subject of increasingly growing study especially since the 90s. The number of scientific publications related to Medical Education has increased from an average of 255 publications per year (1943-1962) to an average of more than 6,110 publications (2010-2017). In this contribution we focused on medical and health professions education through simulation. We made a brief historical overview on the simulation and we did a research on the rate of development of medical pedagogy through the analysis of the publications recorded by the world’s most important website for physicians and Faculty teachers (PubMed). The data obtained from our research on the 6 key words we have identified (Medical education; Patient simulation; Standardized patient; Medical simulation; Virtual reality simulation; Healthcare simulation) showed us that the literature dedicated to Medical education, in the last 27 years, 1990-2017, it is increased by 193% for the articles related to Medical Education and by more than 1,146% for the “Patient simulation”. A great publications increase in scientific journal with Impact Factor that show us how much medicine is focusing intensely on innovation in the field of teaching.



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Pensieri, C., & Alloni, R. (2019). Educazione e simulazione nelle Facoltà universitarie. Una review. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 14(1), 121–142.