Metafora teatrale e laboratorio pedagogico

Francesco Cappa


The theatre in education does not only act as an instrument. A strong analogy may be drawn between the experience offered by education and that offered by theatre. Viewing theatre as a metaphor for education implies drawing attention to an ambivalent relationship and a crucial element of pedagogical experience. A theatre workshop enables us to acquire a new familiarity, an art, a mindful presence and the ability to reflect competently about ambivalent structure of educational experience.

However the metaphoric dimension is also directly related to critical aspects of designing a theatre laboratory with educational, as opposed to exclusively performative, aims.

Underlying this position is an interpretation of education and training that differs from the mainstream conception. Specifically, the idea that education is a dispositif. In this view, education is not an experience that has primarily to do with values or morals, or with somebody’s intentions or motivation. Of course these aspects are important, but what actually structures and generates educational experience is a dispositif. Thus the theatrical workshop becomes a field of experience for transformative and performative learning.

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