La vita al lavoro

Fabrizio d’Aniello


Today’s work is a work based on human qualities. Cognitive and relational potential is the beating heart of a dematerialized working activity. The whole life enters the production process. Moving from the point of view of the work’s pedagogy, the paper analyses the bio-political implications of this entrance, focusing on the neoliberal governmentality of the worker-enterprise. According to the bio-political literature, the involvement of all the personal and interpersonal resources does not generate genuine opportunities for human development but a new form of exploitation. Therefore the article dwells on some pedagogical trajectories practicable in order to oppose educationally, culturally and also politically to a subjection device that primarily plays on mobilizing competition.


pedagogy of work; bio-politics of work; mobilizing competition; training; education to being in relation

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1970-2221/7093

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