I “nonluoghi dell’anima”

Alessandro Versace


Empathy is one of the key variables for a healthy and balanced human relationship. Its absence can project the man into the darkest labyrinths of his/her own Self or cause behaviors that tend to annihilate the other. The ability to understand the other, to understand his/her emotional state, to seize his/her cognitive and emotional point of view, through the experiences that he/she lives, means promoting, even for themselves, a program devoted to awareness and to the highest and most noble values. The utilitarian and materialistic vision of the human being has definitively disappeared: its place has been replaced by prospects that put relationship at the center of everything, in the name of educational care, social services and loving that become the prerequisites needed to trigger and encourage a fully empathetic conduct in people training. 


education; empathy; emotions,pedagogy; psychoanalysis

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