Una riflessione pedagogica sui padri, il loro ruolo educativo, la loro presenza nei servizi per l’infanzia

Silvia Cescato


This paper presents a pedagogical reflection on the role and the styles of fathers in the care, upbringing and education of children from infancy. Focus on the father figure and his greater involvement in educational contexts are among the many social and cultural changes of the twentieth century. These aspects affect both the family structure and educational services, prompting us to think about how behaviors, models and educational, cultural, gender representations meet and intertwine in the definition of "a common educational objective relating to the child" (Mantovani, 2006, p. 71) in ways we are not always fully aware of.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the need not to "simply note the changes that have characterized motherhood and fatherhood" (Schenetti, 2011, p. 2), but to try to put them into a dialogue with educational services, starting from recent research.


fatherhood; educational models; gender; culture; early childhood education and care services

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