Soggettività in lotta. Impegno, conflitti e trasformazioni nelle pratiche politico-pedagogiche del Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas

Mariateresa Muraca


This paper is based on a collaborative ethnography carried out in Brasil and focused on the political and pedagogical practices of the Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas (Peasant Women’s Movement). After a theoretical and methodological contextualization of the research, a reconstruction of the political path of the movement and a presentation of the life histories, I will consider the participation trajectories of the research subjects, in the light of three main pedagogical concepts: commitment, conflict, and transformation. How can the process of the assumption of a socio-political commitment take place? What kind of conflicts does it open and at what levels? What transformations does it generate in people and communities? The purpose is to show in which ways the participation in MMC influences the lives of militants, concerning to the formation of the subjectivity, the fundamental orientations and the relationships with the others.


commitment; conflict; transformation; Peasant Women's Movement; Brazil

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