Nuove paternità. Mutamenti nelle famiglie e cambiamenti nella relazione educativa


  • Luisa Miniati



fatherhood, family, childhood, gender, education


In the last decades of the 20th century it has been said a lot about women and their path towards full emancipation but only in recent years academic studies have been taken into account the changes, involving the male world. Reflecting on male identity in relation to the parental role it is possible to become aware that more and more fathers are changing their parent style, due to women’s liberation and its struggle for democracy also into the family. It is clear that new ways of parenting lead to new places of expression of genuine equality between men and women althought the path is not always simple. This is why it should be supported in all aspect by public institutions called to support the free expression of new parenthood aware. Starting from this assumption - which is also a hope, the study investigates the new paternal identity listening to the voice of today’s fathers winds through qualitative interviews with parents from two different generations.



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Miniati, L. (2017). Nuove paternità. Mutamenti nelle famiglie e cambiamenti nella relazione educativa. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 12(2), 113–142.