Constellation of early childhood, Gugu’s firmament. A portrait of Augusta Rasponi del Sale (Ravenna 1864-1942), author of picture book

Marcella Terrusi


Augusta Rasponi del Sale (1864 – 1942) aka Gugù wrote and illustrated children’s picture books published in England, France, Italy; she dedicated her work to the representation of early childhood. She used to portray herself as a duck, or goose and she devoted her life to neglected children. She looked at childhood from a unique point of view – her work as an author focused on representing all children, also infants of the age of one, two and three months, dedicating realistic portraits and poetic verses to them. What emerges from her work is a modern way to conceive children’s books and early childhood life conditions and rights. She created a cultural portrait of childhood of her time – representing not only childhood but also early childhood. This article focuses on her work, in order to rediscover the value of a great, forgotten children’s literature author still capable to amaze scholars and educators. 


history of children’s literature; illustration; history of childhood; education; imaginary

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