Sei così bella quando piangi. Lana Del Rey, voce e fenomeno della fragilità che è in noi

Federico Zannoni


Frailty is an ontological part of human experience and characterizes our times. Instability, insecurity, addictions, loneliness, difficulty in finding meaning and perspectives, desire to escape and nostalgia for an unknown and unreal past are predominant in the life of many young people and teenagers. In this context it is possible to consider the global success of the singer Lana Del Rey and of her melancholy and languid lyrics, but also of her videos and photographs, that are expression and celebration of an alleged existential frailty that allows her supporters, especially if adolescents or young women, to identify with her. The study of the phenomenon Lana Del Rey allow to move closer to those feelings of weakness and discomfort that are often hidden, unspoken, confined in the shadows for lack of courage or for shame, but that are, at the same time,  full of grace and of vital energy.  This is one of the tasks of pedagogy.


Lana Del Rey; popular culture; frailty; feminism; emotions

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