La “pop pedagogia” e le urgenze educative nella cultura di massa postmoderna


  • Federico Zannoni



pop pedagogy, popular culture, postmodern education, pop philosophy, consumerism


The development and the transformations of the Popular Culture - at first expression of the rise of the capitalist middle class, then of the markets and customs’ globalization and of the technological and virtual progress – have been phenomena that have caused anthropologic revolutions in the social contexts. The increasing individualism, the commodification of the human relationships, the virtualization of everyday life, the alienation, the homologation, the breakdown of the community and institutional ties, the pervasive role of television and Internet, the empty hedonism which takes the place of the existential and ideal engagement: there are many issues that the humanities have to face. As it is already the case of the philosophy, the debate on the urgency of a pedagogy that, alongside the traditional one, can connote itself as “pop”, has been recently entered into the scene of the pedagogical discussion. The “pop pedagogy” reflects on popular culture and doesn’t skimp to use pop tools, languages and sources.



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Zannoni, F. (2013). La “pop pedagogia” e le urgenze educative nella cultura di massa postmoderna. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 8(1), 219–238.



Theories, models and contexts in education