In-service English language training for Italian Primary School Teachers An experience in syllabus design

Barbara Dawes, Maria Luisa Iavarone


The aim of this paper is to report on an in-service English Language Teacher Training Programme devised for the Government project to equip Italian primary school teachers  with the skills to teach English. The paper focuses on the first phase of the project which envisaged research into the best training models and the preparation of appropriate  English Language syllabuses. In  the first three sections of the paper we report on the experience of designing the language syllabus. In the last section we suggest ways of using the syllabus as a tool for self reflective professional development.


in-service teacher training; proactive/reactive pedagogical syllabus; foreign language learning; professional development portfolio; reflective practice

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1970-2221/3740

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