Metacognizione e scrittura: uno studio pilota di potenziamento metacognitivo nella produzione del testo con alunni di scuola secondaria di primo grado

Mariarosaria De Simone, Stefania Scassillo, Maria Rosaria Strollo


The present work is firstly aimed to outline theories, models and experiences related to the use of metacognitive learning methodologies, with particular attention to aspects of writing. Secondly it was described a work path, to promote thought processes, more than instrumental skills, in order to lighten the load executive of daily school activities and to support the cognitive commitment required, in particular as regards the production of written text.

The pilot study, in particular, wanted to examine whether, as a result of participation in a metacognitive program, the students of three classes of a secondary school showed an improvement in written composition, in terms of overall quality of the text, also reflecting about the existence of a relationship between the effectiveness of the training context and the characteristics of the class in which students  are engaged. 


metacognition; metacognitive teaching; writing skills; secondary school degree

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1970-2221/5354

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