Coordinamento Pedagogico Provinciale, Bologna (Italia)


  • Sara Di Fabrizio
  • Daria Quaglia
  • Licia Vasta
  • Cristiana Gattai
  • Maria Pia Casarini
  • Rosanna Restaino



During the school year 2008/2009, the Provincial pedagogic Coordination of Bologna organized a vocational training for educators of educational services 0/6 years titled: “Families and Communication”. The specific themes discussed by different teachers were: foreign families: the identity of migration, the relationship between educators and families in care, conflicts management, communication that facilitates and / or removes the relationship.In this space we aim at collecting the reflections of some of the educators who attended the training. With this contribution the services, that occupy a privileged strategic position in our contemporary world, have taken the social responsibility of sharing their experiences, giving their extraordinary knowledge in education, in connection with the surrounding society. The contributions here collected reflect the great resources of the services network concerning the different aspects, cuts and shapes they have taken. The revision task has been suggested and encouraged by the provincial pedagogic coordinators.

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Di Fabrizio, S., Quaglia, D., Vasta, L., Gattai, C., Casarini, M. P., & Restaino, R. (2010). Coordinamento Pedagogico Provinciale, Bologna (Italia). Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 5(1).



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