Childhood and congenital haemorrhagic disorders. The teachers point of view through research data

Silvia Demozzi


This paper presents data collected by researchers A. Gigli e S. Demozzi from the Department of Education at the University of Bologna as part of the Univeristiy’s strategic project “Definitions of guidelines for use with pediatric patients affected by congenital haemorrhagic disorders: medical psychosocial, educational and ethical aspects”. It deals with the analysis of twelve interviews carried out with teachers in primary school areas in the province of Bologna who have contact with children affected by congenital haemorrhagic disorders with the goal of trying to understand the teachers perspective on various aspects of school life. The data is presented in relation to the following areas: The teacher’s views regarding congenital haemorrhagic disorders and problems emerging on meeting children and their families; The quality of the educational relationship between teachers and children and the relationship with families; The quality of the relationship between children with their peers and the possible of one or more separate classroom activities and/or a specific programme; Potential educational and informative needs expressed by the teachers. The article is integrated with work published by A Gigli “Research on the quality of schooling of children affected by congenital haemorrhagic disorders : critical literature on the data and pedagogical considerations” which along with the present report, focuses on the analysis of data collected using references and categories specific to pedagogical reflection.

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