The Boundaries of Education and the Surrounding Terrain


  • Silvia Leonelli



Having acknowledged the multiple meanings within the definition of “educational cure”, this report will focus on one single section: the sense of individual and professional responsability. This papers shows in a narrated way the outcome of a research on educational responsibility at the Kindergarten, whose objective was that of highlighting meanings, models and representations, but also expectations, opinions and projections of the people involved: Kindergarten female/male educators who have been in duty for years, and females students from the third year of the course called Educatore di Nido e di comunità infantile of Bologna University. The comparison between the two different groups has shown the presence of noteworthy dynamics in the building up of the professional identity of the female/male “kindergarten educator” figure: the progressive decrease in the limits of educational responsability.

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Leonelli, S. (2007). The Boundaries of Education and the Surrounding Terrain. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 2(1).



Pedagogia e Didattica dei Servizi Educativi