Spazi urbani nella cultura dell’infanzia contemporanea

Heinz Hengst


The article provides a cultural analytical perspective on the social spaces of today’s children. It illustrates the importance of urban spaces in children’s culture(s) against the background of a differentiated global popular culture. Subject considerations concern not only current forms and problems of physical, but also of mental and virtual urbanization. The contribution focuses on both the changed relevance of outdoor spaces and as well on indoor spaces under the conditions of rapid and extensive mediatization. The article states not only losses, but discusses also functional equivalents and new kinds of co-existence. In this sense it provides an alternative to widespread notions of modernization and domestication. The research findings have been generated in Germany and Great Britain.


Global popular culture; urbanization; domestication; mediatization

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1970-2221/6715

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