Donne migranti, protagoniste attive nei processi di trasformazione


  • Nadia Bonora



This article sets out to make a contribution towards overturning some commonly held beliefs regarding migrant women and the migration of women, highlighting in particular economic and cultural benefits. It analyses national and international reports, bibliographic sources and interviews. The emerging data and experiences confirm the economic relevance of female migration, and above all, the ability to “ give back” in respect to what is being taken. In their countries of origin their remittances contribute in a consistent manner to supporting deficient general budgets as well as those of their families; in host countries their varied and articulated presence promotes cultural interaction and constitutes an enriching of society as a whole. Migrant women are part of the process of the transformation of global society, they are playing a role in the complex cultural and contradictory transformations that are taking place: active protanganists in virtue of the their typically feminine potential and resources.

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Bonora, N. (2011). Donne migranti, protagoniste attive nei processi di trasformazione. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 6(1).



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