The North and South in Italy: the localisation of rights and intercultural challenges


  • Palmiro Potentino Propato



Historically the quality of education in school system in Italy has depended on geography. This has been reflected in contrasting opportunities, levels of literacy, and drop out rates and student achievement. The differentiation has resulted in a deep educational divide between the north and south resulting in markedly different educational destinies of students in the two areas. This research, carried out from the point of view of an integrated educational system, seeks to investigate how and what extent that educational geography of the country has changed. Today’s situation is increasingly complex and multicultural and we must also consider the place of non- Italian citizens. In particular we set out to investigate whether the “localisation of rights and opportunities” which previously resulted in different levels of literacy and educational achievement in the north and south, still exists as a north-south dichotomy in terms of integration and intercultural awareness. It also analyses how, and if, institutions and teachers have risen to the educational challenge and renewal represented by the presence of so-called “foreign” students in classes.

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Propato, P. P. (2010). The North and South in Italy: the localisation of rights and intercultural challenges. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 5(2).



Pedagogia Interculturale, Sociale e della Cooperazione