Identity, Otherness and care


  • Fulvio Poletti



This paper presents a critical consideration of the meaning of identity. It seeks to highlight the ambiguity and the semantic- conceptual problematicity of the term. In the light of the existential condition in which contemporary Man finds him/herself, characterised by a high levels of instability, uncertainty and a precarious nature which often results in intense feelings of loss of a sense of belonging- it now seems nearly impossible to conceive of identity (personal, group, professional, community) in monolithic or fixed terms. The innumerable interlacing groups in which each of us find ourselves in our private, working and social lives constantly brings us into contact with the Other, rendering highly diversified existential and professional trajectories rich in depth and stimulation. Contact with diversity and Otherness is particularly common in professions concerned with care and relationships and is distinguished by high levels of complexity that requires a solid humanist education and training.

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Poletti, F. (2010). Identity, Otherness and care. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 5(2).



Pedagogia Interculturale, Sociale e della Cooperazione