Adulthood and confidence crisis between continuity and changes


  • Laura Cavana



In this first report related to the branch of my research, I intended to build the theoretical and conceptual framework that will characterize the best interpretative horizon of the empirical data collected at this stage, but that will be analyzed in a subsequent report. To that end I tried to move on two main directions: in one side I wanted to bring out explicitly the centrality of the adult and its educational function in relationship adult-child, because the child, for being small and weak, beautiful and speech free, is unthinkable without the adult, guiding principle and organization of his development and his behaviours. In the other side I have identified in the dialectical or dynamic synthesis of the opposition "autonomy-dependence" the spyelement, or the significant parameter, of the adult educational styles (acting in this case, to parents, teachers, educators) detected empirically in some services for children of North and South of Italy, through the administration of semi-structured interviews with teachers and educators.

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Cavana, L. (2010). Adulthood and confidence crisis between continuity and changes. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 5(1).



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