Between art and science: the computer microscope.


  • Barbara Caprara



In this article I tried to give teachers some suggestions on how to use in didactical activities a very interesting support: the Intel QX3 Computer Microscope. The In-tel QX3 Computer Microscope contains no eyepieces, and images must be viewed through the accompanying software on the host computer that controls the mi-croscope. Construction materials used in the assembly of the microscope are typi-cal of those found in many modern toys. The ease of use in lighting and recording images is its main strengths and the time lapse photography is an especially desir-able feature. The microscope has excellent potential as an educational toy.

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Caprara, B. (2009). Between art and science: the computer microscope. Ricerche Di Pedagogia E Didattica. Journal of Theories and Research in Education, 4(1).



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